Clinton’s Clincher

Sanders had a good run. Now it’s time to rally behind Clinton.

California, America’s most populous state, rarely finds itself kingmaker in primaries. Often, the state votes too late to shape the outcome. It must have been quite novel, then, that Golden staters had an important role in shaping the Democratic nomination on June 7th. If Mrs Clinton lost, it would show her weakness to Bernie Sanders. If she won, she’d have the luxury of treating the Sanders insurgency with some triviality.

As voting day passed, Mrs Clinton clinched a solid 56% of the vote, and the latter scenario unfolded. Still, the Sanders campaign proved very irksome for Clinton’s team. The Vermont senator threw himself into the arena and emerged victor in 20 states, scoring an impressive 1877 delegates. This time last year, he was 50 points behind the uncatchable Clinton. Now his speeches pack stadiums. Socialism is no longer the great American electoral taboo it once was. The string of wins Sanders scored in April put his rival on the back foot many a time. Mrs Clinton likely didn’t expect the road to victory to be so rocky. Continue reading