Reports Of My Death Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

The NHS faces real issues; but not from the phantoms of privatisation and TTIP 

The NHS is no stranger to fights. It is only through the iron will and adept hands of Aneurin Bevan, who fought the British Medical Association in 1948, that the the NHS survived its traumatic birth at all. Just two years after, The Lancet, a medical journal, published a damning review about the state of general practice in England. The NHS was lambasted as extravagant and unaffordable by the Minister of Health in 1956. It was condemned for low GP morale in 1966. A scant nine years later, pay and conditions would spark doctor strikes under the watch of then Labour Prime Minister Harold Wilson. Damning reports of health inequalities plagued the 1977 NHS. Nursing protests in 1984 grew into full blown strikes in 1988; ones that saw the Iron lady crumple. A year later, Mrs Thatcher would give in again to pressure from ambulance unions.

The first junior doctors strikes in over 40 years are part of a long string of battle scars the NHS has from its various fights with politicians. Perhaps this serves as testament to survival being the great success. However some argue that that survival is at stake.

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Bittersweet: A sugar tax isn’t the answer to Britain’s obesity woes

Obese populations place strain on national economies. According to government watchdog the National Obesity Observatory (NOO), in 2007 the projected indirect costs of obesity in Britain by 2015 were £27 billion. In 2014 consultancy group McKinsey and Company put the costs closer to £47 billion.

The link between sugar consumption and obesity is well documented. To help fight the nations bulging waistlines, a coalition of the British Medical Association (BMA), Public Health England (PHE), and Jamie Oliver advocate for a (not especially new) sugar tax on soft drinks, in its report Sugar Reduction: The Evidence for ActionBut will such a system work?

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It’s Not That Simple: GM crops

On June 11th, AAV posted a video about Monsanto and GM crops done by the people over at the Undercurrent.

It’s a bullshit video made up of bullshit assertions blended together into a general bullshit smoothie. His most ardent supporters smiled nervously and stood by him sharing the video, but mean-spirited pricks like me called him out on it, whereupon he proceeded to defend this bullshit smoothie on his facebook page in both comments and a post about criticising Monsanto not equaling criticising GMOs.

While I can get behind that position, the reason I’m still calling him out is because that’s not what he was doing.

Let me say this again to make it crystal clear: THAT WASN’T WHAT WAS HAPPENING.

And here’s why.

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