Science Needs EU

British Science Is Strong In Europe. Scientists Must Fight To Save It. 

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Ready For Takeoff

The government should foster the successes of the British Space Industry

On a cold March weekend, industry leaders, scientists and space enthusiasts gathered in the city of Sheffield for the annual National Student Space Conference (NSSC) being held in the University’s walls. Industry was keen to showcase the cutting edge technology British industry is spearheading with slick presentations to woo space minded undergraduates, while researchers excitedly discussed bold new missions Britain is playing a part in. Continue reading

Panda-ing To The Crowd

Why conservation efforts focus on a select few species

Presently, 23,000 species are at risk of extinction at mankind’s hands, according to the International Union for the Conservation of Nature. While Earth is no stranger to vanishing wildlife, humans aren’t indifferent to the havoc they cause. Conservation tries to correct our mis-steppings as planetary stewards, but although conservationists will argue all species are equal in their eyes, closer inspection reveals some are more equal than others.

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Corbyn’s Labour: Science and Environment

Jeremy Corbyn’s scientific ideas were presented to Scientists for Labour, and can be read here.

I had high hopes going into it, Corbyn was part of the Science is Vital campaign to reverse cuts to the science budget.

However, the policy response is a bit of a mixed bag. It covers a lot of topics which don’t necessarily belong in a science plan in my opinion (such as a housing shortage), and that markets were too focused on short termism and derivative fiddling than in investments in science and industry. Continue reading

It’s Not That Simple: GM crops

On June 11th, AAV posted a video about Monsanto and GM crops done by the people over at the Undercurrent.

It’s a bullshit video made up of bullshit assertions blended together into a general bullshit smoothie. His most ardent supporters smiled nervously and stood by him sharing the video, but mean-spirited pricks like me called him out on it, whereupon he proceeded to defend this bullshit smoothie on his facebook page in both comments and a post about criticising Monsanto not equaling criticising GMOs.

While I can get behind that position, the reason I’m still calling him out is because that’s not what he was doing.

Let me say this again to make it crystal clear: THAT WASN’T WHAT WAS HAPPENING.

And here’s why.

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